Monday, June 24, 2013


This weekend I went home to the house where I grew up in Connecticut and looked through the bins and shelves of my children's books stored in the attic. I have always been passionate about children's literature. About five years ago, I joined Goodreads and decided to rate and shelve every single book I've ever read. In this process of scouring memories and researching online, I thought I'd remembered most books from my childhood. But this weekend, pulling out dusty books from storage bins, I realized there were so many now-obscure books that I had forgotten about, some completely absent from my memory, but most coming alive again after seeing the illustrations. 

 It seemed a shame to have these gems in my attic and not share them with others who might want to remember childhood favorites. So I started this blog. I live about two hours away from my parent's house now, but I will scan a bunch of books when I am home visiting and then write the posts later at my apartment in Long Island. Welcome, and enjoy.

I was a bookworm at a young age.

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